pull up the sleeves

I think about her, how she ended like this. She smiles and tells stories about herself but we all lie and we all cover what we truly think. When she hasetately plays with her own fingers and constantly pulls her sleeves down so that no one sees I feel her fear. If no one notices then no one cares and no questions will be asked. Scared to confront the truth, scared to see the look in their eyes when they see what she has done. You wont find a shirt in her warderobe, not even a skirt or a dress and i believe the last time that she used them was when she was 14. i think about her, i think people wonder why she speaks quietly or why she's awkward when she's in a conversation. Her mind goes back and forward in time. Having thoughts of scenarios that are being played in her mind, wishes, bad dreams, people, suicide.
Not knowing how to explain but being conscious of not being the only one going through this because there are alot of people with long sleeves and you never know if they do what you think.

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